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Newport News Police Department Ride Along Form


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Emergency Contact
  3. 3. Waiver
  4. 4. Department Use Only
  • Step One

    1. Instructions

      Please read over the application carefully, fill out completely, and return it as indicated on the "Ridealong Page".
      You will be asked to provide a written signature on your application at the time you arrive for your ride along.

    2. Please use the following format: Last, First, Middle

    3. Include any apartment numbers or other specifics.

    4. Personal Information

      In order to protect your personal information, such as social security number and date of birth, you will contacted by a member of the Newport News Police Department staff.

    5. The primary phone number where you can be reached, including the area code.

    6. Work phone, including area code, if applicable.

    7. MM/DD/YYYY

    8. Your e-mail address

    9. Body Armor Requirement

      Ride Along Applicants are required to wear body armor during the ride along. We are also requesting your waist size measurement. If you would prefer to be measured by a trained professional you may set up an appointment to be measured during regular business hours. [(757) 926-3034 or 3038]

    10. Indicate your waist size (in inches).

    11. Marine Patrol Ride Along

      Between May and September, applicants are offered the choice of riding along with the Marine Unit. The times and dates for this activity are set by the Unit Commander, and are assigned to the applicant, contingent upon staffing, weather and safety considerations.

    12. Please indicate any additional information you feel should be included (such as specific dates you will be traveling to the area.)