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City Council

  1. Contact Your City Council

    Please send a message with your suggestions and comments about city projects and priorities. Your ideas and involvement are important... More…

  1. Request City Council Member at an Event

    Would you like to request a public official speak at a celebration or public event?

City Manager

  1. Hispanic Advisory Committee Application

    Completing this form is one way to indicate your interest in being considered for appointment to the Hispanic Advisory Committee to the... More…


  1. Report a Website Problem

    Report a problem with this website including broken links, outdated information or security warnings.


  1. Flood Zone Verification Request

    Please use this form to request a flood zone verification for the City of Newport News, Virginia only. If you live in a different area... More…

  2. Residential Parking Permit Program Petition
  3. Stormwater Complaint
  4. Traffic Sign Complaint
  1. Newport News Traffic Safety Commission Contact Form

    If you have any questions for the Newport News Traffic Safety Commission, please fill out this form and an email will be submitted.

  2. Right of Way Concerns & Questions

    If you have any questions on any work being done in the Right of Way for the City of Newport News, please fill out this form and an... More…

  3. Street Light Complaint
  4. Traffic Signal Complaint

Information Technology

  1. City Employee Desktop Printer Inquiry

    In an effort to improve printing efficiency and costs, we are asking all employees who have a printer in their office or at their desk... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Animal License Request
  2. Endview - Optional Survey

    Fill out the optional survey below and be automatically entered to win an Attraction Ticket for a family of four. This survey will help... More…

  3. Endview Mailing List
  4. Food Vendor Health Permit Application (PDF)
  5. Lee Hall Mansion - Request Brochure
  6. Parks & Recreation Comments & Suggestions
  7. Visitors Survey - Endview Plantation
  1. Community Garden Application (PDF)
  2. Endview - Request Brochure
  3. Fido Field Registration Form (PDF)
  4. Lee Hall Mansion - Optional Survey
  5. Lee Hall Mansion Mailing List
  6. Pocket Pet Adoption Survey

    Please fill out this survey if you are interested in adopting a "Pocket Pet" from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

  7. Visitors Survey - Lee Hall Mansion


  1. Agreement in Lieu of a Combined Erosion and Sediment Control Plan & Stormwater Management (PDF)
  2. Certificate of Clearance (PDF)
  3. Change of Zoning/Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
  4. Commissary of Fats, Oils and Grease Disposal Site Letter (PDF)
  5. Comprehensive Plan Citizen Advisory Committee Regular Meeting Public Comment Card (PDF)
  6. Construction Record Drawing Policy and Checklist (PDF)
  7. Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Application (PDF)
  8. Hilton Village Architectural Review Board Application (PDF)
  9. Legal Size Plat Application (PDF)
  10. Outdoor Dining Permit Application (PDF)
  11. Over Dimensional Permit Application (Online)
  12. Public Right-of-Way Permit and Performance Bond Template (PDF)
  13. Site Plan Class 1 Application (PDF)
  14. Soil Removal and Land-Disturbing Activities Template (PDF)
  15. Special Exception Application (PDF)
  16. Subdivision Plat Application (PDF)
  1. Block Party Signature Form (PDF)
  2. Change of Date/Route Certificate (PDF)
  3. Commemoration Advisory Commission Application (PDF)
  4. Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application (PDF)
  5. Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
  6. Development Plan Application (PDF)
  7. Food Service Establishment (FSE) Grease Control Device (GCD) Registration Form (PDF)
  8. Land Disturbance Permit Application (Online)
  9. North End/Huntington Heights Architectural Review Board Application (PDF)
  10. Over Dimensional Permit Application (Online)
  11. Preliminary Development Plan Application (PDF)
  12. Right of Way Permit Application (Online)
  13. Site Plan Class 2 Application (PDF)
  14. Special Event Application (PDF)
  15. Street and Sidewalk Food Vendor Permit Application (PDF)

Police Department

  1. C.U.F.A. (Citizens United For Action) Program Interest Form

    Through the Citizens United For Action, citizens and community members take an active role in assisting the City of Newport News and... More…

  2. Dance Hall Permit (PDF)
  3. Extra-Duty Eligibility Application (PDF)
  4. Gang Activity
  5. Project Guardian Application
  6. Rummage Sale Permit Application (PDF)
  7. TOWING Notification of Vehicle Release

    This form is to be used by a towing company to notify the Newport News Police Department when a towed vehicle is released by their... More…

  1. Criminal Intelligence Form Submission
  2. Drug Activities

    Provide anonymous tips regarding drug activity, suspected drug/narcotic sales or offenses.

  3. Extra-Duty Employer Application (PDF)
  4. Garage Sale Permit Application (PDF)
  5. Public Service Report Form
  6. Taxicab License Application

    The first step of the two step process to obtain a taxicab driver's permit to drive a Newport News-based taxicab.

  7. TOWING Notification of Vehicle Towed

    This form is to be used by a towing company to notify the Newport News Police Department when a vehicle is towed by their company. ... More…


  1. Easy Pay

    Please fill out the following information. You will be contacted via mail with the Easy Pay contract for participation and information... More…