700 Town Center Dr.
Newport News, VA 23606



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Director's Office 

Name Title Email Phone
Martinez, Louis Director   757-926-1146
LeGouellec, Yann Assistant Director   757-926-1146
Sturgis, Rhonda Administrative Services Manager   757-926-1160
Patel, Parimal Security & Environmental Manager   757-234-4879

Distribution Engineering 

Name Title Email Phone
Pasko, P.E., Daniel Chief of Distribution Engineering   757-926-1080
Basford, P.E., Chris Design Services   757-926-1068
Gibas, Jeanette Engineering Specialist II   757-926-1079
Vacant, Position System Extension Services   757-926-1081
Vacant, Position Project Services   757-926-1071

Enterprise Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Carpenter, Steve Enterprise Manager   757-926-1090
Pritchett, Chad Comptroller   757-926-1087
Mormon, Darlene Customer Service Manager   757-926-1039

Information Technology Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Lassiter, Juliette IT Manager   757-926-1116
Sheppard, Donald IT Projects Manager   757-926-1061
Washington, Marietta GIS Manager   757-926-1118
Vacant, Position Network and Process Control Systems Manager   757-926-1060
Ford, Crystal Records Systems Manager   757-926-1115
Short, Gary Process Control Systems Manager   757-234-6705

Natural Resources Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Harris, Ronald Acting Natural Resources Manager   757-926-1097
Woolman, Lori Water Resources Coordinator   757-926-1094
Harrah, George "Eddie" Chief of Forest Resources   757-234-4866
Rich, J. Andrew Watershed Property Administrator   757-234-4863

Distribution Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Hill, Mark Quality Assurance Superintendent   757-234-4815
Lutterloh, Doug Installation & Maintenance Superintendent   757-234-4882
Kuhns, M. Daniel Distribution Manager   757-234-4839
LeVasseur, James Distribution Coordinator   757-234-4853
Gerze, Wade Cross Connection Control Coordinator   757-234-4888/4885

Facilities Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Hotaling, P.E., Michael Facilities Manager   757-234-6703
Utne, Bruce Plants Manager   757-234-6777
Williams, Sherry L. Water Quality Control Manager   757-234-6723
Lilley, John H. Maintenance Superintendent   757-234-6723
Dimperio, Adrianna Chief of Facilities Engineering   757-234-6706

General Services Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Cooper, O. David General Services Manager   757-234-4837
Rohrbach, W. Shawn Logistics Manager   757-234-4838
Auche, Joey Fleet Operations Superintendent   757-234-4928
Payne, Sherman Meter Operations Superintendent   757-234-4912