Block Party Permit

Application Information
The application for a block party should be received at least 30 days in advance of the block party date in order to allow time and coordination with the various agencies concerned. The name of the street to be blocked off and the exact block location. Also, if the area to be blocked off is, for example 900 block of Hampton Avenue; letter has to state 900 block of Hampton Avenue between Wickham Avenue and Orcutt Avenue.

All people (one representative of each house hold) residing on that portion of the street that is to be blocked off have to sign a petition indicating their name and residence address and stating that they agree 10% to the block party. This can be one sheet of paper with a block party and agreement statement and the date at the top, followed with names, addresses and signatures on separate lines.

A sketch of the area to be blocked off is required. Block parties can start as early as 10 AM and end as late as 10 PM.

Block Party Documents