Small, Woman & Minority Program (SWAM)

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It is the policy of the City of Newport News to facilitate the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of SWAM (Small, Woman, and Minority) firms and to encourage their participation in the city's procurement activities. Toward that objective, the City of Newport News encourages these firms to compete for our business and also encourages majority firms to provide for the participation of SWAM firms through partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts, and other contractual opportunities.

SWAM Directory

The SWAM Directory is made up of Small, Women, and Minority owned firms registered with the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD).  General contractors are encouraged to use these firms whenever possible on city contracts. While the city makes no claim as to their skills or suitability, we feel this could be a starting place for your search for SWAM firms. Qualified firms not listed should contact the Office of Purchasing.

To access the SWAM Directory, please refer to the SBSD SWAM Vendor search page.

Mayor McKinley L. Price, DDS

A Message From Mayor Price

On behalf of my colleagues on City Council and the City of Newport News, I am pleased that staff has prepared this directory which exemplifies the city's commitment to supporting small, women, and minority-owned businesses. City staff are committed to being an active partner with all businesses as we work together to make Newport News the best place to live and work. Contractors using this directory will find SWAM businesses willing and able to demonstrate their abilities.

I trust you will find this directory helpful in your daily business contracts.

A Message From the Purchasing Agent

The Directory of Newport News SWAM vendors is provided to help encourage contractors to join with Newport News-based small, women, and minority-owned businesses on competitive bids. While all of our businesses are important to us, we hope that this special segment of our community might receive additional help as they compete in the marketplace. This will strengthen our economic base and help our city.

Vendors are listed alphabetically, according to their respective specialties. However, not all SWAM firms located in Newport News will be found in the directory. Only those who are currently registered on the city's Vendor File and have been confirmed as being currently active are included. Qualified suppliers who wish to be added should complete Vendor Registration. Vendors who wish to update their listing should also complete a new form.

We strongly urge contractors to do business with these Newport News based SWAM firms.