Domestic Violence Awareness


Watch: A message from Chief Drew

The Newport News Police Department is committed to stopping domestic violence in our community. We want to educate citizens, change the culture of silence about violence and empower individuals affected by domestic violence to reach out for help. Our goal is to improve lives and keep people safe.

If you suspect domestic violence, speak up. #SilenceKills. Your phone call could save a life.

Video Series

In October 2019, we partnered with Transitions Family Violence Services to create a series of videos to help educate citizens about domestic violence. You can watch the videos below.

dv_1_200px Opens in new windowWatch: Why They Stay

Patrol officer Erick Nunez speaks with Darryle Brown, Community Advocate with Transitions Family Violence Services, about why it can be difficult for individuals to leave their abusers.

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Watch: Children are Affected

Master Police Officer Jamie Acree and Ashley Ruggerio, Youth & Trauma Therapist with Transitions Family Violence Services, speak about how children are affected by domestic violence.

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Watch: Changing the Culture of Silence

SVU Sgt. Shawnalea Ross speaks with Sanu Dieng, Executive Director at Transitions Family Violence Services, about the culture of silence around domestic violence.

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Watch: 'You're Not Alone'

Domestic violence survivor, Onicka Daniel, shares her story.

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Watch: 'There is Help'

Domestic violence survivor, Ally Schaffner, shares her story.

Presentation: Awareness and Response to the Silent Culture of Domestic Abuse

Learn more about domestic violence from Special Victims Sgt. Shawnalea RossDomestic Violence Presentation Opens in new window

More Information

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Cycle of Violence
Domestic Violence Warning Signs (3)
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Report Domestic Violence
Police Can Help

#1Thing Campaign

The #1Thing campaign, by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV), encourages citizens to think of just one thing you can do to stop domestic violence in your community. Click through the slides below to view some of NNPD’s suggestions. For more information about the campaign and other resources, visit the NRCDV website.