Retiree Open Enrollment 2019

Retiree open enrollment is November 1 - 30, 2018​

Reminder: Retirees may not enroll in health or dental coverage after retirement. Open Enrollment is an opportunity to update your existing benefits.  All rate changes take effect beginning in December 2018.  Plan changes are effective January 1, 2019.​

If you want to keep the same coverage you had in 2018, no action is needed.
Open Enrollment Postcard

Pre-65 Health Insurance

Anthem will continue as the pre-65 retiree’s health insurance carrier. In an effort to prevent premiums from rising in 2019, changes to the retiree plans administered by Anthem will be implemented effective January 1, 2019. While the plan structures are similar, there are changes being made to all three plans. Please review the rates and plan summaries carefully and weigh which plan choice will best meet your needs.

Over the next month, the City and Anthem will hold meetings (dates and times listed in the benefit guide) to answer any questions you might have about the changes. We strongly recommend you attend one of these meetings to learn more about the changes to your coverage. Complete the Health Enrollment Application to change your coverage. 

Post-65 Health Insurance

Humana will continue as the post-65 retiree’s health insurance carrier. No changes have been made to the post-65 plans.  If you would like to change your plan, please contact Humana at 1-866-396-8810.

Dental and Vision

Delta Dental will remain the dental provider for 2019. VSP will remain the vision provider for 2019. Retirees may only enroll or cancel vision coverage during open enrollment. To enroll in VSP, complete the Vision Enrollment Form. To cancel coverage, complete the Termination of Benefit form.


Fitness membership will continue to be offered through Riverside, OneLife and the YMCA. Retirees may enroll or cancel fitness memberships by visiting the facility.

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