Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance (NNERF)

If you began employment with the City of Newport News prior to March 1, 2010 and did not opt to VRS, then you are a member of the Newport News Retirement Fund (NNERF)-CIGNA Supplemental Life Insurance.

Under the City's current benefits, each regular full-time employee in NNERF is covered, at no cost, for an amount equal to his/her base annual salary. Each employee has the option of purchasing additional supplemental term life insurance of one, two, three, or four times the base annual salary. Each employee may also insure his or her legal spouse for one-half, one, one and one-half, or two times their base annual salary. The legal spouse is not eligible for this option if he/she is also a regular employee of the City of Newport News and/or Newport News Public Schools.

During the year, the employee has an option of increasing his/her current option. In order to do so, the employee must complete the Evidence of Insurability Form. Employees may enroll in the Cigna supplemental life insurance at any time during employment. Please contact the Benefits Office should you need additional information.

  • If you elect additional coverage your premiums will be age banded.
  • A Voluntary Child Life Insurance benefit of $10,000 is available for purchase.

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