Pedestrian Safety

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that most anyone can do. If you plan to walk in an area where there is vehicular traffic, you should be aware of safe walking and driving practices. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • When walking, wear light colors so motorists can see you.
  • Make sure to make use of crosswalks whenever available.
  • Remember, when crossing a street, look left, look right and look left again.
  • When walking at night, reflective clothing or flashlights make you more visible to motorists.
  • Dusk and dawn are the most dangerous times of the day for pedestrians. If walking or jogging, make sure you walk against the traffic and remember reflective clothing.
  • Drinking and walking can be as dangerous as drinking and driving, as a person who has been drinking may not be aware of surroundings and may walk in front of traffic.