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MaRhonda Y. Echols
Youth and Gang Violence Prevention Coordinator

Office of the City Manager
2400 Washington Ave. 10th Floor
Newport News, VA 23607


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Building Better Futures, The Newport News Youth & Young Adult Gang Violence Prevention Initiative, is part of the City’s Strategic Plan to address public safety. It is locally funded by City Council with oversight from the City Manager’s Office. The reduction of violent gang and gang-related crime by youth and young adults is a critical strategic priority for City Council. Local street gangs, or neighborhood-based street gangs, across the City of Newport News are a significant threat to public safety because they engage in violence in conjunction with a variety of other crimes. The City has implemented the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Comprehensive Gang Model (OJJDP) as a strategy to address this threat. The OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model (Model) is an intervention model that calls for five core strategies to be delivered through an integrated approach from a team of community agencies and organizations.

The Initiative will primarily serve youth and young adults between the ages of 12-24 that engage in risky, criminal, or negative behaviors, including gang members and their associates and families. The goal is to encourage leadership, goal setting, decision making, training, employment readiness and communication skills through a variety of strategies designed to redirect and support positive behavior, prevent further gang involvement and other risk behaviors.

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