Ride Along Rules of Conduct/Risks

Ride Along Program Rules of Conduct
  • You will be assigned to ride with a police officer of the Newport News Police Department.  Requests for assignment with a specific officer will be at the discretion of the on-duty supervisor.  You must have your approved ride along application with you at the time you ride with the officer.
  • You shall not carry any weapon of any kind while participating in the program (unless you are a duly sworn law enforcement officer).
  • The police officer with whom you ride will be happy to discuss duties and responsibilities insofar as time permits.  If, however, some emergency should arise, you must immediately and without question comply with any order or directions given to you by the officer, as it is for your own safety.
  • You are not to leave the patrol car at the scene of any police activity without first obtaining permission from the officer.
  • The duration of the ride is at the discretion of the officer
  • You may not use cameras or tape recorders while riding due to the possible conflicts with evidence collection.  (This also applies to smart phones, tablets, and any other electronic recording device which may be used to take pictures or record activities. or voice.)
  • You will be required to present a neat and clean appearance, and wear appropriate business-like attire.  Casual clothing such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts and sneakers, is not acceptable.
Risks of the Ride Along Program

Police officers can be, and often are, assigned duties which involve danger and serious risks.  Duties which involve emergencies or danger will not be avoided because you are present.  While every effort will be made to ensure your safety, the officer's first responsibility will be to carry out his or her assigned duties.  Please be aware that in riding along, you have assumed the risk of becoming injured or even killed.  These risks may involve some of the following situations:  being involved in a traffic accident, being shot, being taken hostage, being sprayed with OC or Pepper Gas, being beaten, being cut or stuck by a sharp weapon, and/or being verbally abused.